What you see – A dollar may not be Rs. 99 in the exchange rate but that’s the equivalent you are looking at here at this store. What you see is America written all over the place. There’s a flag, there’s the food, there’s the toys… everything that you find here is imported and costs Rs. 99 or Rs. 45 (in which case you have to buy something else for the same rate or another of the Rs. 45 item as you can bill a minimum of Rs. 99).

What you get – Down East Coast Road, what used to be popularly called the Gatsby Village has now accommodated this Chennai store in its 1,200 square feet. They are soon expanding to 1,600 square feet to stock their additional range of imported products.

You do get things here that you would at any other departmental store in the city but sometimes you find they are cheaper here. A pack of American style chips, for instance, that would cost you Rs. 130 outside costs Rs. 99 here. Dairy products as well as cakes that have a shelf life of six months and come in a variety of flavors also cost Rs. 99 here. Dessert Syrups – chocolate, strawberry etc also cost Rs. 99 here. In other stores they could set you back by Rs. 160 or so.

The real bargains here are the cereals. The Scooters (cereals) they stock here are all Rs. 99 as compared to the same cereal box costing you Rs. 200 plus in any other store. The other real bargains here are the hand washes, soaps, and shampoos and conditioners, all for Rs. 99. The deodorants and chocolate cookies too come at Rs. 99.

They also have plenty of bone china items and fancy trays that are worth buying. They also have window and glass cleaning liquids, vessel washing liquids and so on. There are stuffed toys that are worth a look at, if you have a birthday party coming up.

Our verdict – They re-stock once in two weeks and are constantly finding customers happy to shop at their bargain prices. There is parking space so you do not have to worry at all. There are two more outlets of this chennai store, one of them in Besant Nagar, (but if you cannot climb stairs then we suggest you try some other one as this store is at the top of a flight of steep stairs) and the second, a much smaller one, at the Ascendas IT Park off Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

Source by Kamakshi Alagapan